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This evergreen fern is common throughout the Pacific Northwest. It grows well in shady areas of gardens and landscapes. Being an evergreen, it can provide interest to a landscape yearround. It is also a low maintenence plant that is fairly adaptable once it has been established.

Western Sword Fern

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  • Western Sword Fern - Polystichum munitum


    Size: 2-4' in height, 2-5' in width


    Growing Conditions: Prefers partial to full shade, moist well drained soil.


    Features: Low maintenence, adaptable, works well as a large groundcover, drought tolerant once established, deer resistant.


    Natural Habitat: Native to North America and is common in forests and wetlands from California to Alaska.


    Companion Plants: Goatsbeard, Vine Maple, Pacific Trillium, Coral bells, Bleeding heart.

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