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The Vine Maple is one the most popular native shrubs used in landscapes. It tolerates a variety of site conditions and provides a beautiful woodland look with bold fall color. Depending on the conditions, the growth pattern can vary. The shrub grow vine-like in the shade and more upright and tree-like in the sun. 

Vine Maple

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  • Vine Maple - Acer Circinatum


    Size: Up to 21'


    Growing Conditions: Prefers moist soils in shade, also tolerates sun


    Features: Yellow, orange, and red fall color when in sunny conditions, wildlife friendly, erosion control, very popular native woodland shrub.


    Natural Habitat: Found in forests throughout the Pacific Northwest, often along streambanks, grows vine-like in forest shade and upright and bushy in sun.


    Companion Plants: Taller forest trees, Swordfern, lady fern

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