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Found natively in pockets along wet freshwater areas and produces green-grass like leaves.  It spreads by rhizomes and its atttractive white flowers develop from June through August. As the flowers dry and the seed matures, it turns reddish brown.  This plant grows vigorously and provides excellent cover for birds as well as erosion control making it a natural fit in raingardens, pond edges and other wet areas. 

Small Fruited Bulrush

  • Small Fruited Bulrush - Scirpus microcarpus


    Size: 2-4' tall & wide


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, moist, well draining soil.


    Features: Blooms in summer with cluster of flowers that start white and turn red as they dry and the seed matures, cover for birds, useful against erosion and in rain gardens.  


    Natural Habitat: Native to North America, found in wetlands and moist soils at low to mid elevations.


    Companion Plants: Black Gooseberry, Golden Current.

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