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Red Elderberry is very abundant in the moist woods of the PNW. There are two varieties of native elderberry to the PNW,  red elderberry and blue elderberry. The red is much more common on the west side of the cascades. Red Elderberry produces a very bright red cluster of berries that are best left for the birds or squirrels. This shrub can tolerate sun or shade, but has a tendancy tall in the shade, making it a graceful addition to a woodland garden. 

Red Elderberry

  • Red Elderberry - Sambucus racemosa


    Size: 5-10' tall, 6-12' spread.


    Growing Conditions: Full to partial sun, moist well drained soil.


    Features: Fragrent white flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, useful for soil stabilization and erosion control, berries eaten by lots of wildlife like birds, squirrels, deer, and more.


    Natural Habitat: Native to North America, Asia, and Europe. Found in open and shady woodland forests and along streambanks.


    Companion Plants: Sword fern, Lady fern, Chokecherry.

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