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Peafruit Rose, also known as Clustered Wild Rose or Swamp Rose is one of three common roses found west of the Cascades along with Baldhip Rose and Nootka Rose.  It can be difficult to distinguish between the Peafruit and Nootka rose but oftentimes, the pink flowers are smaller and the flowers are clustered between 2-10.  The stems of Peafruit rose have small prickles that can make it unpleasant to handle and difficult to walk through.  Much like Nootka, it creates an impenetrable thicket over time which makes Peafruit Rose an excellent choice for stabilizing streambanks or a hedgerow along a fence. The rose hips were boiled by native peoples to make tea or used to make jams and jellies which are rich in vitamins.

Peafruit Rose

  • Peafruit Rose - Rosa pisocarpa


    Size: 3-7' tall, 2-5' wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, moist soil.


    Features:  Beauty and fragrence, pink flowers bloom from May to July, fruit from fall into winter, can be used as an effective barrier or for soil stabilization. 


    Natural Habitat: Native to Southern British Columbia to Northern Columbia. Found in moist forests and along riverbanks.


    Companion Plants: Douglas Spirea, Black Gooseberry, douglas aster.

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