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The Oval Leaf Viburnum is a very versatile native plant! It can grow in a number of conditions and works well planted as a transitional plan between landscape areas. It is also drought and flood resistant so it can do well incorperated on the edge of a rain garden. The attractive fall foliage can be effectively used as a screen. Additionally this plant supports beneficial insects and produces berries that are eaten by a number of bird and small animals. 

Oval Leaf Viburnum

  • Oval Leaf Viburnum - Viburnum ellipticum


    Size: Can grow to about 10' tall and wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to full shade, dry to moist soils. 


    Features:  Easy to grow, good raingarden plant, Drought tolerant, supports pollinators and benficial insects. 


    Natural Habitat: Native to parts of Washington, Oregon, and California. Found mainly in dry open woods and lowland thickets.


    Companion Plants: Sword fern, Lady fern, Snowberry, Salal, Low Oregon Grape

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