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Nodding Onion gets its name from its pom-pom shaped flower that droops towards the ground when in bloom. It is easily recognized by the distinctive arch at the top of the stem. The flower clusters attract a range of pollinators, but especially bees. Nodding Onion is easy to grow, very hardy and is deer resistant due to its strong smell when crushed. 

Nodding Onion

  • Nodding Onion - Allium cernuum


    Size: 12-18" tall & wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun, Part Sun, Prefers Moist Soils


    Features:  Wetland/ Raingarden plant. Edible. Drought tolerant. Showy pink blooms June-July. Attracts pollinators. Deer resistant.


    Natural Habitat: Coastal areas, forest understory


    Companion Plants: Douglas Spirea, Slough Sedge, Dogowood, Fringecup, Goatsbeard, Salmonberry.

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