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Low Oregon Grape is a hardy native shrub that grows beneath large confiners in dry shade as well as more exposed sites. The yellow flowers which bloom from April to May provide an early nectar source to bee and hummingbirds. Deer are detered by it's prickly leaves, but it's blue-purple berries are excellent food source for birds and small mammals from summer to fall.

Low Oregon Grape

  • Low Oregon Grape - Mahonia nervosa


    Size: 2-3' tall and wide


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun to Part Shade, Dry to Moist Soils


    Features: Early bloomer cluster yellow flowers April through May. Edidble berries. Drought tolerant. Attracts pollinators. Fall color.


    Natural Habitat: Forest understory and woodland edges


    Companion Plants: Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Oceanspray, Blue Elderberry, Vine Maple, Indian Plum, Sword Fern, Salal

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