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Kinnikinnick, also commonly refered to as Bear-berry, is a low growing mat forming groundcover. It has shiny dark green leaves, white flowers, and red fall fruit that make it a valuable visual element in a garden or landscape year round. It is low maintenence, drought tolerant, and evergreen, making it one of the greatest native groundcovers. Additionally, it supports pollinators including a variety of birds, insects, bees, and Brown Elfin Butterflies. 


  • Kinnikinnick - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


    Size: 6-12'' tall, can spread up to 15' wide.


    Growing Conditions: Sun to part shade, dry to moist soil, rocky or sandy acidic soils.


    Features: Low maintenence, bloom May to August, red berries in Fall, fruit is reportendly edible but tasteless, attracts butterflies, humming birds, and more.


    Natural Habitat: Sandy slopes, rocky banks, subalpine meadows, and coniferous forests on both sides of the Cascade Mountain Range.


    Companion Plants: Oregon stonecrop, maples

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