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Fringecup is a medium sized plant in the Saxifragaceae family. It is considered a perrenial but has been reported to have evergreen leaves in area with warmer winters. The flowers that bloom on stalks from mid spring to mid summer are small, numerous, and sometimes fragrant. Although they form neat clumps, Fringecup can be aggressive and will spread under the right conditions. Additionally, it is known to attract multiple species of hummingbirds and is resistant to slugs.


  • Fringecup - Tellima grandiflora


    Size: 2-3' tall, 1-3' wide.


    Growing Conditions: Prefers part shade and moist soil, if grown in sun then make sure soil is kept moist.


    Features: Rich light green leaves, bloom mid spring to mid summer , flowers are white or cream but become pink with age, compact and neat clump, no serious pests or diseases.


    Natural Habitat: Native to California and north all the way to southern Alaska, grows in damp forests and streambanks.


    Companion Plants: Columbine, Lady Fern, Pacific Bleeding Heart.

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