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Very agressive growth and spreads by rhizomes in wetland areas. It can withstand seasonal drought as long as it is planted in an area moist during winter. Doulgas spirea makes a great privacy hedge plant without beoming too tall. It has prolific pink blooms that look stunning when planted in mass.

Douglas Spirea

  • Douglas Spirea - Spirea douglasii


    Size: 3-6' tall & wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun, Part Sun, Moist to Dry Soils


    Features:  Wetland, raingarden plant. Drought tolerant. Large pink blooms July-Aug. Bird habitat. Attracts pollinators. Erosion control


    Natural Habitat: Coastal areas, forest understory


    Companion Plants: Vine Maple, Willow, Sedge, Rush, Dogwood, Fringecup, Goatsbeard, Salmonberry.

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