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Camas is a perennial that can look stunning in your garden or landscape. They also look beautiful as cut flowers in vases! They proper conditions, sun and fertile moist soil, they will grow very easily and return year after year. Historically, Camas has been extreamly valuable in trade because of its edible bulbs. It is considered by many to be a delicacy!

Common Camas

  • Common Camas - Camassia quamash


    Size: 1-2' tall, 1-2' spread.


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, like fertile moist soils.


    Features: Edible bulbs, the attractive flowers bloom from late sprint to early summer, mostly pest and disease free. 


    Natural Habitat: Native to Pacfic North West meadows, wetlands, and moist hillsides. 


    Companion Plants: Irises, Peonies, Nodding Onion. 

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