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Broadleaf Stonecrop is an evergreen sedum that is native to Washington, Oregon and California as well as British Columbia. Like most native sedums, Broadleaf Stonecrop can be found growing on dry, coastal, rocky sites that are often nutrient poor. Unlike other native sedums, this one can handle part shade. Broadleaf Stonecrop has a dusty blue-green appearance and it spreads across the ground, with bright yellow flowers shooting out that can reach 6" tall. Butterflies are reported to enjoy the flowers that bloom from May to July. It has been reported to be a host plant for the Brown Elfin Butterfly and the Moss' Elfin Butterfly. 

Broadleaf Stonecrop

  • Broadleaf Stonecrop - Sedum spathulfolium


    Size: Up to 8'' tall.


    Growing Conditions: Sun to part shade, grows well in dry nutrient poor soil, allow the soil to fully dry between waterings.


    Features: Stems and leaves are edible when young and tender, low toxicity when eaten, blooms from late spring through summer, Attracts butterflies. 


    Natural Habitat: Native to the west coast, grows in rocky outcrops from the coast all the way to alpine areas.


    Companion Plants: Nodding onion, Mertens sedge.

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