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Black Gooseberry is a multi-stemmed native shrub almost exclusively found on the west side of the cascades. It's purple-white flowers often are found attracting bees and hummingbirds. The purple-black berries which develop in June to July have a delicious flavor and high pectin content so it can be made into jam easily. The thorns that hide beneath the leaves are very tough, which make harvesting risky, but on the other hand also make this plant deer resisitant!

Black Gooseberry

  • Black Gooseberry - Ribes divaricatum


    Size: 3-10' tall and wide


    Growing Conditions: Full to Part Sun, Moist to Well-Drained Soils


    Features: Small white flowers. Edible berries. Attract pollinators. Deer resistant


    Natural Habitat: Coastal, wetlands and moist forests


    Companion Plants: Alders, Indian Plum, Evergreen Huckleberry, Red Huckleberry, Sword Fern

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