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Bear Grass is a perrenial herb in the Liliaceae family. It will do well in full sun, well drained, areas on a garden. It has tall showy stalks that rise above the foliage to display hundreds of small white/cream flowers. The flowers are slightly fragrent and will bloom in late spring to late summer. This plant can be effectively used in prairies, meadows, and wildflower gardens. 

Bear Grass

  • Bear Grass - Xerophyllum tenax


    Size: 5' tall, 5-7' wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, well drained soil.


    Features: Low maintenence, large white cream colored flowers that are slightly fragrent, flowering occurs late spring through early summer, useful against soil erosion.


    Natural Habitat: Native to the Pacific Northwest, sea level to sub alpine, can be found in open confierous woods, rocky slopes and clearing, and dry ridges. 


    Companion Plants: Douglas Fir, Flowering Current, Red Elderberry

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