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Subalpine Spirea, also known as Rose Meadowsweet or Mountain Spirea is one of the more ornamental natives we have in the PNW.  It is a beautiful upright deciduous shrub that only reaches about 2-4' tall with showy flat pink flowers that bees are often seen landing on.  Its native range extends from central California up into Canada and east into Central Montana. 

Subalpine Spirea

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  • Subalpine Spirea - Spiraea splendens


    Size: 2-3' tall and wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full sun, medium moisture.


    Features:  Bright pink sweetly scented flowers that bloom from June to August, attracts birds and butterflies, deer resistant.


    Natural Habitat: Native from British Columbia to California at elevations between 2,000 and 11,000 feet.


    Companion Plants: Shinyleaf Spiraea, Viburnum, Rhododendron.

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