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Slough Sedge is an easy to grow evergreen native sedge that will thrive in a wet area of your yard.  It loves water but its tough enough to withstand our seasonal droughts as well making it a great choice for a low maintenence gardener.  Slough sedge offers excellent erosion control and the seeds are food for waterfowl and can become quite aggressive if enough moisture is present.

Slough Sedge

  • Slough Sedge - Carex obnupta


    Size: 2-4' tall, 2-3' wide


    Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, moist to wet soils.


    Features: Low maintenence, evergreen leaves are grass-like, supports wildlife, useful for erosion control.


    Natural Habitat: Native to western North America, California to British Columbia, moist to wet soils like river banks, bogs, and wet meadows.


    Companion Plants: Lady Fern, Sword Fern, Goatsbeard.

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