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A low densely growing deciduous shrub that provides good year round erosion control as well as habitat for birds and small mammals. Typically found in thickets alongs side riverbanks and open hillsides. In the fall Skunkbrush Sumac foliage becomes bright hues of red and yellow.  

Skunkbrush Sumac

  • Skunkbrush Sumac - Rhus trilobata


    Size: 3-6' tall and wide


    Growing Conditions: Full to Part Sun, Dry to Moist Soils


    Features: White flowering. Colorful new growth. Forms thickets. Fall color. Drought Tolerate. Wildlife Habitat


    Natural Habitat: Stream banks to open hillsides


    Companion Plants: Garry Oak, Western Serviceberry, Red Twig Dogwood, Spirea

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