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Serviceberry is a tough native shrub that produces an abundance of  beautiful white flowers in the spring and blueberry-like berries in the summer. The berries can be collected in mid to late summer and made into jams, jellies or syrups.  Depending on location and environment, Serviceberry can develop into a single stemmed tree or sometimes a low, sprawling shrub.  It is especially beloved for its fall color when the leaves turn from summer green to red and yellow before they fall off the tree for the winter. Serviceberry is excellent plant for an edible landscapes or pollinator gardens.


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  • Serviceberry - Amelanchier alnifolia


    Size: 10-20' ft tall & wide 


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun, Part Sun, Moist to Well-Drained Soils


    Features: Fragrant white cluster flowers in late spring. Edible fruit that ripens June through July. Red and yellow fall color. Tolerates drought. Attracts pollinators.


    Natural Habitat: Understory shrub found along rocky shorelines, bluffs, talus slopes, meadows, forest edges and open areas, roadsides. 


    Companion Plants: Douglas Fir, Vine Maple, Pacific Dogwood, Snowberry, Thimbleberry, Fringecup, Low Oregon Grape

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