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Salmonberry is a caning shrub that has a somewhat elegant arching form.  It produces edible red or orange berry that ripens in late spring to early summer, which makes this plant a perfect choice for any edible or wildlife landscape. Salmonberry is also quick to re-establish on disturbed sites and has excellent soil binding qualities and will help stabilize erosion areas.  


  • Salmonberry - Rubus spectabilis


    Size: Up to 10' tall and wide.


    Growing Conditions:  Part shade, moist to wet soil. 


    Features: Edible orange berries, attract birds including hummingbirds, large flowers that are pink to red and bloom April to Map, effective for wetland restoration. 


    Natural Habitat: Native to the Pacific Northwest, commonly found in moist forested areas and along streambanks.


    Companion Plants: Evergreen Huckleberry, Elderberry, Sword Fern.

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