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Salal is a very dynamic and versatile native plant! It's small white bell shaped flowers attract bumblebees and hummingbirds to your landscape in early spring which develop into nutrient packed purple-blue berries which not only attract more wildlife to your yard. It is evergreen that provides great erosion control on steep slopes by forming dense thickets and will give your landscape year round visual interest as well as wildlife habitat. Salal is a larvae host plant for the Brow Elfin Butterfly.


  • Salal - Gaulthoria shallon


    Size: 2-6' tall & wide. Grows taller in shade 


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun, Part Sun, Moist to Dry Soils


    Features: Small white flowers that bloom May through July. Edidble berries. Drought tolerant. Bird habitat. Attracts pollinators. Erosion control


    Natural Habitat: Coastal areas, forest understory


    Companion Plants: Douglas Fir, Bigleaf Maple, Western Hemlock, Madrone, Red Huckleberry, Indian Plum,Salmonberry, Serviceberry, Oceanspray

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