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Red Flowering Currant is one of the PNW's signature flowering shrubs. It has bright pink flowers that hang down and attract a ton of bees and hummingbirds in early spring signalling officially that winter is over. It produces an edible but mostly tasteless berry that is covered in a blue-white dust that can makes for a striking contrast against the lime green foliage. Once established, this plant is drought tolerant and can handle rocky and poor soils better than most but doesn't do well in poorly drained sites. Red Flowering Currant will attract birds such as Robins and Cedar Waxwings. They eat the berries as fall nears and the leaves get nibbled on by butterfly and moth larvae without causing any health problems to the plant. Red Flowering Currant is becoming more and more popular as a landscape focal shrub and as a backdrop to smaller mid summer and fall perinnials!

Red Flowering Currant

  • Red Flowering Currant - Ribes sanguineum


    Size: 10-15' tall 5-8' wide


    Growing Conditions: Full to Part Sun, Moist to Well-Drained Soils


    Features: Early bloomer pink flowers March to June. Edible berries. Attract pollinators. Drought tolerant


    Natural Habitat: Coastal forests and open areas


    Companion Plants: Coast Silktassel, Oceanspray, Indian plum, Vine Maple, Tall Oregon Grape, Low Oregon Grape, Evergreen Huckleberry

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