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Pacific Rhododendron, the state flower of Washington is a stable to any NW garden. It can be found west of the Cascades from southern British Columbia to Northern California. It thrives in wet costal forests, making it tolerant to salt spray and great for erosion control for steep hillsides.  Its large showy flowers attract pollinators just as beautiful as all its cultivated varieties.

Pacific Rhododendron

  • Pacific Rhododendron - Rhododendron macrophyllum


    Size: 5-25' ft. tall


    Growing Conditions: Part Sun to Full Shade, Moist to Well-Drained Soils


    Features: Large pinkish showy flowers from May-July. Attracts polinatiors. Erosion control.


    Natural Habitat: Mosit forested areas 


    Companion Plants: Douglas Fir, Snowberry, Western Sword Fern, Red Huckleberry, Indian Plum, Fringecup

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