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This easy to care for succulent may be small, but it can add a number of benfits to your garden. It acts as a great groundcover, growing in a variety of conditions. It provides color and texture year round, with bold flowers of red and yellow in the summer. It is versatile and can fill small spaces that not many plants can.

Oregon Stonecrop

  • Oregon Stonecrop - Sedum Organum


    Size: 1-6'' tall


    Growing Conditions: Full sun, dry to moist soil


    Features: Low maintenence, yearround interest, blooms throughout summer, striking red and yellow color in summer, handles hot and dry conditions well, deer resistant.


    Natural Habitat: Found throughout the west coast on rocky slopes, the edges of forests, and on costal bluffs


    Companion Plants: Coastal strawberry, Mertens Sedge

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