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Nootka Rose has bright pink flowers attract tons of attention from pollinators in the spring. It forms dense thickets that birds use to create nests within for protection.  It has excellent soil binding capabilities making this plant an excellent choice for erosion control. It is commonly found natively along sunny stream banks and on hillsides.

Nootka Rose

  • Nootka Rose - Rosa nutkana


    Size: 5-7' tall, 6' wide.


    Growing Conditions: Full to partial sun, moist to dry soils.


    Features: 2'' pink flowers bloom from May into July, fast growing and spreading, visited by pollinators like insects, butterflies, and birds, effective barrier plant. 


    Natural Habitat: Native from northern California up into Alaska. It is found in various habitats like shoreline, floodplains, meadows, forests, and strembanks.


    Companion Plants: Douglas Spirea, Black Gooseberry, Douglas Aster.

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