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Mock Orange is a large deciduous native shrub named for the aroma it's beautiful white flowers give off that attract loads of bees and butterflies in early summer! This shrub can get quite large which makes it an excellent habitat plant for smaller mammals and birds, who will also eat and cache the seeds!  Mock Orange is widely distributed on both east and west sides of the Cascade Mountains.

Mock Orange

  • Mock Orange - Philadelphus lewisii


    Size: 8-12' ft tall & wide 


    Growing Conditions: Full Sun, Part Sun, Dry to Moist Soils


    Features: Fragrant white flowers that bloom May through July. Attracts pollinators.


    Natural Habitat: Forest edges to open meadows


    Companion Plants: Garry Oak, Western Serviceberry, Madrone, Gooseberry, Red Twig Dogwood, Spirea

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