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Coastal Strawberry is a fruiting, spreading evergreen groundcover native to the beach and meadow habitats of the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the two varieties of strawberry that was hybridized to make the common garden strawberry. The other native strawberry, the Woodland Strawberry produces smaller but sweet berries compared to the Coastal Strawberry. This plant is confirmed to be the host of 3 different species of butterfly and moth: the Filament Bearer, the Drab Brown Wave and Clepsis fucana. It is a fast spreader, making it good selection for erosion control. It's flowers and furit atrract all kinds pollinatiors and small animals.

Coastal Strawberry

  • Coastal Strawberry - Fragaria chiloensis 


    Size: 4-6" in height, 2-3' spread


    Growing Conditions: Full to part sun, well drained soils


    Features: Evergreen, spreading groundcover, Edible berries from spring to summer, Leaves also edible, some drought tolerance, deer resistant, attracts birds, works well on slopes for erosion control.


    Natural Habitat: Native to the West Coast, found from Alaska all the way down into South America


    Companion Plants: Oregon Stonecrop, Golden Current, Mertens Sedge

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